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Support System for International Students

In order to make international students' lives in Japan enjoyable and fruitful, the International Affairs Center (IAC hereafter) gives advice on university life, including accommodation, medical care, part-time jobs, residence procedures, and recreational activities.

Reduction of Tuition Fees

Baika Women's University offers financial support to international students.

Status of Residence and Non-Academic Activities

The IAC gives advice on the application for acquisition of Status of Residence and for non-academic activities.

Finding Accommodation

The university's dormitory is available for international students.

Buddy System

In order to help incoming international students adjust smoothly to university life here, to help them increase their understanding of the lectures, and to help them make friends, the IAC pairs international students with Japanese students upon request.

Counseling Service

For help in areas other than the above, the center can refer students to the university's counseling center.

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Inquiries should be directed to:
International Affairs Center

TEL: 072-643-8642
FAX: 072-643-6252

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