BAIKA Women's University

Our goal is to empower women with a broad base of knowledge, a well-rounded character and a versatile approach to life

Shuichi Nagasawa:President BAIKA Women's University

Our campus is situated on a small hill in the northern part of Osaka prefecture. It is blessed with rich greenery and many varieties of beautiful flowers with exquisite fragrances in each season, such as plum and cherry blossoms, roses, Chinese hibiscuses, osmanthus fragrans and sasanquas.

The Baika Girls' School, the predecessor of our university, was established in 1878. Since then, we have remained steadfast in our mission of offering Christianity-based education for women. The founding philosophy of our university is to foster independently minded, self-reliant women who are caring of others and have a spirit of dedication. This philosophy lives up to founder Paul Sawayama's favorite verse of the Bible, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," which has become Baika's school motto and serves as the guiding principle that all students and faculty members should follow as they conduct their day-to-day activities. Under this guiding principle, Baika Women's University has sent many high-caliber women into society. At the same time, we have steadily enhanced our standards in various ways to meet increasingly diversified societal requirements.

Baika Women's University is a truly "educational" institution in the respect that it is dedicated to developing individual students' capabilities and talent to the fullest extent by stretching their limits. Along with specialized education offered through various faculties and departments, our university also offers career education by taking work options, qualification requirements and the overall needs of women into account. Through these educational opportunities, we seek to foster women with extensive knowledge and well-rounded characters, women who can dauntlessly and flexibly meet any challenges they might face, and truly independent women who are qualified for success in the 21st century. This is based on our belief that this is the raison d'être of women's universities and the most important mission of our university as well.

Our campus, situated in a beautiful natural setting, is always filled with the sound of lively voices and the smiling faces of our students, and all of them are given full attention by our faculty members. It is our hope that many women who are considerate of others and who actively do their part as responsible members of society will leave the our university with a robust posture and a positive attitude toward life.