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Graduate School

Graduate School of Contemporary Human Studies

Division of Clinical Psychology, Master's Course

The Division of Clinical Psychology aims to develop counseling skills through the acquisition of specialist knowledge and techniques, and produce people qualified in the practice of clinical psychology.

Graduate School of Letters

Division of Japanese Language and Literature, Master's Course

This major is divided Japanese literature and Japanese language. Japanese literature is further divided between classical and modern literature. The course also includes Chinese literature and Chinese thought. Japanese culture is also offered as an optional research theme.

Division of English and American Language and Literature, Master's Course

The course for those majoring in English and American literature consists of the three specialist fields: the literature of England, of America, and of English language. Candidates are provided with thoroughgoing guidance from the basics of research methodology through to high-level specialist research.

Division of Children's Literature, Master's Course, Doctoral Course

This course in children’s literature is the only one in the country where children’s literature can be researched systematically and at an international level. With research students from Thailand, Korea and elsewhere, this course aims to be the focus of children’s literature research in Asia.

Graduate School of Nursing and Oral Health Sciences

Division of Oral Health Sciences, Master's Course

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