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Educational Philosophy

Fostering independent women who show respect toward others with a spirit of dedication by living up to the principles of Christianity

Baika Women’s University encourages its students to seek an ideal way of life based on the spirit of Christianity, and to cultivate the ability to walk through life in the way they have discovered. At the same time, we aim to foster people who respect a diversity of values and have the motivation to cooperate with neighbors. It is our aim to help our students cultivate free-minded perceptions and well-rounded intelligence so that they can develop themselves into people who can adapt and contribute to society.

Do for others as you would have them do to you.

The verse of the Bible particularly loved by Paul Sawayama (Matthew 7:12) has become Baika Gakuen's school motto.

Our goal built on the spirit of Christianity

" Do for others as you would have them do to you." These words, loved by the founder of Baika Gakuen, Paul Sawayama (1852-1887), have become Baika's school motto and continue to be passed on to this day.

Cultivating strong character to assume vital roles in the international arena

The development of independently thinking and acting women: this is the practical aim of the Baika English education, producing women who can realize their potential and participate in international society. This aspiration is a Baika tradition that breathes through the school's Christian-based humanities education.

A 21st century university dedicated to nurturing the next generation of women, talent and culture

Our university constantly seeks to develop as an institution fostering new talent and adapting to the ever-changing culture. The scope of these activities encompasses our community, our society, the world.

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